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Africa Tourism Monitor


Africa Tourism Monitor 2016




The theme of this issue is “Sustainable Tourism Africa Tourism through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology,” where we examine a range of timely topics. These include implementing policies to drive intra-Africa trade and tourism, creating a borderless Africa, tracking wildlife through the latest technology, mobile apps for travel, building resilience to climate change, enhancing connectivity, increasing universal accessibility, developing eCommerce tools, drawing inspiration from African art, exploring the possibilities of medical and wellness tourism, and much more.




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Africa Tourism Monitor 2015




The theme of this year’s report is “Unlocking Africa’s Tourism Potential”. It covers issues such as investment, conservation, product development, partnerships, and more in the sector, to foster economic growth and capitalize on opportunities. The report examines a number of timely topics, including trade policy and regional integration, regional visa cooperation and facilitation, hotel chain development, the economic value of wildlife tourism, knowledge and skills transfer, telling authentic stories on Africa, engaging local citizens, tapping into the online travel marketplace, and creating dynamic travel products. The facts, figures, articles, and case studies in this issue illustrate how travel and tourism involve local populations and community stakeholders to participate, engage, and thrive in the travel and tourism sector in Africa.


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Africa Tourism Monitor 2014



The theme of this year’s report is “Leveraging Africa’s Human Capacity for Tourism Development.” It covers issues such as infrastructure for tourism development; regional cooperation; training and capacity building; tourism product development; hotel chain development pipelines; connecting the continent via air access; inclusive growth and sustainable tourism strategies; and engaging rural communities.  




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Africa Tourism Monitor 2013



The report presents some of the major opportunities and challenges facing the diversification of the travel and tourism industry in Africa – from generating revenue and creating jobs to attracting new travel and tourism markets; and from developing niche tourism products to sustaining hotel and airline growth; and from leveraging social media to utilizing on-line travel engines.




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