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Agricultural Statistics Capacity Indicators (ASCIs)

The Statistics Department of the African Development Bank has completed the 3rd Cycle of the Assessment of African Country Capacity to to produce timely, reliable, and sustainable agricultural statistics.
The resulting “Agricultural Statistics Capacity Indicators (ASCIs) for the 2013, 2015 and 2017 reference years” are a set of indicators which highlight those countries that have shown signs of improvement in their capacity to produce relevant agricultural statistics, as well as those exhibiting some weaknesses. These findings can help to focus attention on the underperformed individual countries, so that these countries may be targeted for additional assistance where it is most badly needed whether on the technical or financial issues. They also help to identify the high-performers so that their best practices may be emulated by those countries showing slower progress. They are also the major source of data to feed indicators for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. This system is vital to ensure effective measuring and tracking performance of the implementation of the Africa Action Plan for Improving Agricultural and Rural Statistics.
The results of the first cycle of the Country Assessments (CAs), for the 2013 reference year were published in 2014. They constituted the baseline Agricultural Statistics Capacity Indicators (ASCIs) across four dimensions that measure countries’ capacity to produce requisite agricultural statistics. These dimensions relate to their status of: (i) Institutional Infrastructure (Prerequisite Dimension), (ii) Resources (Input Dimension), (iii) Statistical Methods & Practices (Throughput Dimension), and (iv) Availability of Statistical Information (Output Dimension).

The results of the second cycle of the CAs, for 2015 reference year, which measures the progress on the same country capacity, has also been published in 2017. The third cycle of the CA, for 2017 reference year, provide most updated ASCIs which measures the impact of the program during the implementation period of the Action Plan.

The most updated ASCIs for 2013. 2015 and 2017 reference years are published here. The report on the analysis of these results is also being prepared and will be shared in due course.