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South Sudan - Improved water source, urban (% of urban population with access)

79.4 (% of urban population with access) in 2015

Access to an improved water source refers to the percentage of the urban population with reasonable access to an adequate amount of water from an improved source, such as a household connection, public standpipe, borehole, protected well or spring, and rainwater collection. Unimproved sources include vendors, tanker trucks, and unprotected wells and springs. Reasonable access is defined as the availability of at least 20 liters a person a day from a source within one kilometer of the dwelling. Sources: World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund, Meeting the MDG Water and Sanitation Target (

Date Value Change, %
2015 79.4 0.00 %
2014 79.4 0.00 %
2013 79.4 0.00 %
2012 79.4 0.00 %
2011 79.4