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Kenya - Imports of goods & services, Value (WEO, cur. US$)

25,198,921,112.69 (Current US$) in 2018

Imports of goods are recorded when ownership of the goods passes from a non resident to a resident. It covers the total amount of general merchandise (in US$) imported by Residents from Non-residents valued free on board (f.o.b). General merchandise covers most movable goods, with a few exceptions. Imports of services consist of all services rendered by non-residents to residents. Services include transportation (covers Freight, Passenger Services, Rentals of Transportation Equipment, Supporting and Auxiliary Services), Travel (covers primarily the goods and services acquired from an economy by travelers during visits of less than one year in that economy) and other services (covers communications, construction, insurance, computer and information, Royalties and license fees, government services, etc). Source :IMF, WEO Database; Data are in current U.S. dollars. The historical data and projections are based on the information gathered by the IMF country desk officers in the context of their missions to the countries and ongoing analysis of the evolving situation in member countries; projections are IMF staff estimates. Because of differences in data collection techniques, methodological issues, focus, and timing, the data in the International Financial Statistics and the World Economic Outlook may differ..

Date Value Change, %
2018 25,198,921,112.69 10.89 %
2017 22,725,124,142.85 18.28 %
2016 19,213,131,015.94 -8.89 %
2015 21,087,625,505.89 -12.66 %
2014 24,145,000,251.33 10.91 %
2013 21,770,138,895.47 2.12 %
2012 21,319,182,399.17 9.24 %
2011 19,516,744,295.14 21.12 %
2010 16,113,793,763.97 20.04 %
2009 13,423,540,147.22 -10.46 %
2008 14,991,569,365.50 25.09 %
2007 11,984,409,124.03